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Fan Engagement Consultancy: Helping sports clubs to engage fans via data science & analytics

Gen Z in sports – how to capture the disengaged?

This September, I had the opportunity to be part of an interesting panel discussion at this year’s World Football Summit in Seville. The conversation was initiated around Gen Z’s content consumption & distribution and how they want to experience modern sports. The topic is one that is frequently discussed and is usually subject to many…
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05/11/2022 0

Session recording: Bas Schnater at World Football Summit 2022

As mentioned earlier, Bas Schnater (CEO of Fan Engagement Consultancy) was present at the World Football Summit 2022 in Seville. Below you can find the full recording of the session.

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Fan Engagement Consultancy at World Football Summit 2022

We’re proud to announce Bas Schnater, CEO of Fan Engagement Consultancy, will be present at the World Football Summit 2022 held in Seville. He will be part of a panel moderated by Jessie Engelhart and alongside Meghna Krishna (CRO at VideoVerse), Jean-Baptiste Alliot (Executive Director Vitality Hub) and Bob Madou (CEO at Club Brugge) will…
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Data Maturity Model: 61% of all sports organisations do not use data for their overall strategy

This can be concluded from the Data Maturity Model, a research conducted by Bas Schnater and Geoff Wilson. The Model has been in the making for more than 18 months and it has been tested by over fifty clubs and federations from the Premier League, La Liga, MLS, and various national football associations. The aim…
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01/06/2021 2

Clustering analysis: using machine learning to understand fan transactional behavior to improve marketing effect

The use of data is becoming very integrated into numerous aspects of the study of football, whether it is from a sporting or from a business perspective. From a sporting perspective, there are many success stories, books, movies and podcasts as well as a growing number of dedicated academic programs focused on performance-based data science.…
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07/05/2021 1

Sports Content Strategy Podcast

Over the last few years, major clubs have spent millions of dollars on getting the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform. But what if money is tight, you don’t have the scale, and those who run the club would rather put their resources elsewhere? Bas Schnater is an…
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Webinar Stephen Bourke’s Digital Sport Business webinar series

In October 2019, Bas Schnater was a guest speaker at Stephen Bourke’s Digital Sport Business course. See the full item below

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Growing Attendance Model (GAM)

This article is co-authored with Geoff Wilson. The purpose of this model is to provide football federations, leagues and clubs with a framework on how they can grow attendance on game days. There is a general acceptance that achieving success on the pitch will have a positive impact in terms of attendance. Relying solely on…
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18/09/2019 0

Fan Experience Review: F1 Belgium GP

Last weekend, the Formulia 1 Belgium Grand Prix took place. At the sunny Belgian Ardennes, fans gathered to see their favorite drivers compete on one of the most difficult and historic tracks on the Formula 1 program. And where many fans gather, a perfect opportunity arises to engage fans and activate partnerships. Using my personally…
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04/09/2019 0

The State of Fan Engagement: Eredivisie (NL) edition

  Fan engagement is a term which has undergone many changes in definition over the years. The term still often gets hijacked for purely commercial purposes. But as I often state in presentations, fan engagement is not a partnership activation technique but is more like academic Yoshida describes: a ‘non-transactional’ concept allowing fans to express ‘external identification’ with…
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