Bas on World Football Summit Podcast about GenZ in sports

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Bas on World Football Summit Podcast about GenZ in sports

01/12/2022 Blog posts 0

Following the World Football Summit’s panel discussion and the publication of Gen Z in Sports, Bas Schnater has been interviewed by Jaime Domínguez Pérez de Ayala on GenZ in sports and why sports properties find it challenging to connect with this demographic.

Some highlights:
– Being able to engage with GenZ is a long-term play. Not only are they the fans of today and the future, but they will also “educate” the next generation of fans.
– GenZ shows great concern for purpose-driven initiatives: Climate, social causes, equality, etc. But sport is in a fantastic position to drive social change and connect with them to actually drive actions together.

Also the conclusions of the study are discussed:
– GenZ fans want to help shape the future, they want to have some degree of influence in the strategy.
– They prioritize psychological well-being.
– Sports organizations need to have a clear point of view on topics that impact society like equality and inclusion, social empowerment, etc.
– Work-life balance is a key factor when considering new opportunities.
– GenZ shows great concern about the environment and climate change

“More than that, the conversation gives practical advice for any sports business to implement.”

The entire conversation can be found on all your favorite podcast platforms but, for your convenience, also below and here.


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